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The white noise machine is misunderstood to be a piece of art that you could put in your bedroom or living room to make it look and sound better and to help you sleep by soothing your nerves. Rather, it is more of a scientific thing where multiple sound frequencies are merged into one single piece of noise. Many of the white noise sound dampening review and experiences found over the web proves that very well. They help people in their sleep by masking the background noise and creating a lucrative environment inside the room to sleep. The smarter machines of today are capable very much to mask the unwanted sound of any machinery, traffic, pets or anybody talking loud in close approximation.

Things to consider while buying a white noise machine for noise dampening

A white noise machine could bring a lot of value to your home. It is that particular piece of peace which you could trust a lot to make yourself sleep better and longer. However, some features are worth considering while purchasing a white noise machine for noise dampening, so that you are sure that a perfect product has been chosen out of a huge lot of multi-featured white noise devices. Brief but comprehensive things to consider list could be found as follows:

The level of sounds it can produce

You should know the volume or the level of white noise the white noise machine can produce to dampen the existing or disturbing sounds you need to cover. If you are looking to mask or dampen very loud noises then you should be looking for a fan noise with a higher volume so that it can be used as per requirements. Make sure not to choose sounds or white noise machines that create soothing or light sound only as they would not work for loud disturbing noises like the mechanical noises and construction noises in urban areas.

Test the effectiveness using variable direction and volume

It is better to place your white noise machine and look if it dampens the noise that is irritating. You can vary the placement and see the effects to finalize the volume and placing the machine in the correct spot.

Make sure to have an appropriate volume control and sounds. Because if you are looking for a machine to dampen the noises in office for privacy purposes then you may not need very loud sounds to make sure the others are not disturbed. It is because the first and the foremost thing is to assess your needs for a white noise generator. You should assess whether you need such a device for personal use at home for sleeping, to be used in your office, to be taken to a gym/ spa or for masking the unwanted noise coming out of the washroom. Different products are specialized in this regard and could cater one specific need for you.

Portability – Portability becomes an important factor especially when you are more into using such products at places outside your home, such as in the gym, spa or frequently used in between your office and home. Portability also helps in providing a customizable approach to place the noise dampening sounds at a place where the impact is higher.

Stability – When your product is kept on moving between places then stability becomes an important factor. You need to have a product which could hold itself on different types of surfaces with ease.

Sounds – Different sounds could sooth different types of people and similarly can help in dampening high and low sounds waves. There are some sounds which are good for babies while some other types would please more to the adults. You can choose products having multiple sounds in one machine which varies considerably from one machine to the other.

Comparison Table:

No. Product Connectivity Sound Auto Timer
1. HoMedics White Noise Deep Sleep MachineBattery/ Adaptor Operated4 natural sounds30/ 60/ 90 minutes
2. AVANTEK Non-looping Sound MachineUSB Charge3 soundsNA
3. NURSAL Sound MachineBattery/ Adaptor Operated8 natural sounds5/ 15/ 30 minutes

Top 3 Products:

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

Editor's Rating: 4.8/5 Overall Score

This one is capable of masking the unwanted noise outside your door or window and also masks any snoring from your partner. This is the one of the most reliable white noise machine or noise generator that helps in getting nearly all kinds of useful noises including, white noise, brown noise and pink noise with 10 varying ambient noises. So if you have this, you can get noise dampening sounds, soothing sounds and sleep help sounds in one pack at all.

The perfect non-looping sounds assure masking the disruptive noises perfectly so that they are dampened to a perfect level that is tolerable as well. The volume controls and easy selection of the sounds and noises help in easy usage. It creates a non-repeating sound effect that prevents distraction and heavy sounds from getting into your room.

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Marpac Rohm Electronic White Noise Generator

Marpac Rohm Electronic White Noise Generator

Editor's Rating: 4.1/5 Overall Score

This stylish, durable and feature-enriched white noise machine is one of the best white noise generator available on the market for noise dampening. It masks all unwanted sounds which may disturb you from comfortable sleeping or distracts your concentration when required. You get the flexibility of 3 distinct sounds which are the bright white noise, gentle surf and the most soothing of all, the deep white noise for pampered sleeping. It is a compact product which is reliable, durable and portable to be carried along with you to your gym or office. The equipment could be charged using USB which is one of its Unique Selling Point.

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NURSAL Sound Machine

NURSAL Sound Machine

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

It produces 8 different sounds where one would surely meet your mood or preferences as per the kind of noise you need to dampen. The best part is its range of sound where people of all ages including infants equally benefit. The variable nature of sounds works best and provide an opportunity for you to select the perfect noise that will mask the kind of distraction you need to cover or dampen. It comes with a limited time, with a maximum setting of 30 minutes for the auto shutdown timer, as the main emphasis here is to provide high-quality sound and conserve energy at the same time. It is battery operated and good enough to enhance portability because of its small size and light weight. Volume control feature is there so you could just tune the equipment as per your liking.

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Bottom Line

This white noise sound dampening review is a clear indicator of the productivity of the white noise generator. It adds value to your room and pampers you when you want to sleep or just looking to have some peaceful time. Things such as the type and quality of sound, stability, portability, and water proof ability are the fundamental features to be considered while purchasing such a product. Price is a secondary issue here as most of the top rated products are affordable and it is just the matter of quality and features that one should look for. Just make sure you have enough sound control, volume control and placement options available when you need to get the best effect for noise dampening.

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