What are the different applications of a white noise generator

A white noise generator is a small machine that produces relaxing sounds, such as ocean waves crashing against the shore or the continuous sound of a waterfall. White noise is said to contain all the colors of rainbow, and it is used to mask other types of sounds that could be annoying, such as computer equipment and outside traffic.

White noise machines are used in several different applications, and a few of the more common ones are listed below.


This is the most popular use for white noise machines, to mask background noises. It will block out street noises, noisy neighbors or a snoring partner.

Sleeping What are the different applications of a white noise generator

This type of device is ideal for people that work 2nd and 3rd shifts, and are required to sleep during the daylight hours, when street work is being done, or you have a stay-at-home mom as an immediate neighbor. A white noise generator is extremely helpful in masking these common daytime sounds, and you will be able to fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly.


This is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, as hotels are known to be excessively noisy. Small units can be used on a plane, to mask the sounds of a crying restless infant or chatter among the other passengers. Many online sound machines, that you are potentially buying, will also come with an international adaptor, so your traveling and sound sleeping experience will not be limited.

Soothes Babies

Not only does white noise assist in calming babies, it also helps them sleep for longer periods of time. Parents also benefit, because infants usually make “baby” noises when they sleep. If sleeping in the same room, a low-level background hum (also known as white noise) will help adults rest, while your little one also sleeps.

Sooth-babies What are the different applications of a white noise generator

White noise is safe for use with infants, because it provides a comforting environment for babies. Often times, these are sudden sounds (such a TVs, door closing and ringing phones) that will disturb a baby’s sleep. A special white noise generator, specifically targeted toward infants, will mask these sudden sounds, and provide babies with simulated sounds of the womb.

Work Environment

Offices can be noisy, and this type of environment makes it difficult to concentrate and be productive. In some cases, offices are very quiet, and the slightest noise will cause a distraction. Both of these scenarios will benefit from a white noise machine.Another office scenario is to mask sounds between offices, in order to make sure that private conversations stay confidential. For instance, a doctor may place a white noise machine in his reception area, to prevent waiting patients from overhearing a conversation that he may be having with a current patient.

Work-environment What are the different applications of a white noise generator

Tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus sufferers know that the constant ringing in their ears is more than annoying. One of the best treatments, is to remove the underlying cause, but sadly the main cause of this annoyance is not easily identified. The next best thing would be to mask the noise, by utilizing a specialized type of white noise machine, to mask the internal buzzing caused by tinnitus.


Playing music is a common practice used during sessions of mediation, but the problem is, that listening to music and concentrating on your body is not easy. The tempo of the music will be a distraction from concentrating on the beat of your heart and rhythmic breathing. It is for this reason; that relaxing sounds, such as ocean waves and rain noise, are recommended to achieve a state of total relaxation during periods of mediation.

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