Using a white noise machine in the office

Basically, white noise is a combination of all sound frequencies played simultaneously.

How noise machine works?

For a clear picture, imagine yourself at a football game or a concert hall with a friend – you can still focus your attention on your friend’s voice, and usually hear what they are saying, right? Now image you are in a room with a thousand other people all speaking at once – it is virtually impossible for you to focus on a single voice – your brain just registers sound, and is unable to zone in on one voice. A white noise machine works on the same principal, but you are not bombarded with a loud annoying sound, just soothing sounds that will relax your mind and body.

It is for this reason, that a white noise machine is a perfect addition to any office space. It will absorb noise from office machines (such as printers, copiers, fax machines and phones), as well as keyboard tapping noise and the voices of your co-workers. When there is a quiet and peaceful working environment, then less stress is created, and more work gets done.

White noise machine

It has been studied and documented that when people use a white noise machine at their workplace, they were better able to focus on the task at hand, and projects were finished on time with minimal stress and anxiety. For many people, their office is considered a second home, because of the quantity of time they spend there, so it is in everyone’s best interest, to make a working environment as comfortable as possible. Remember, happy employees are productive employees, and that equates to more sales and a steady influx of business.

White noise will block out distracting noises, like conversations that occur around the water cooler, outside your office and around your desk. When your co-workers are speaking on the phone, consensus states, that this is the number one distraction at the office. In addition, using white noise for privacy will have your clients feeling more comfortable and at ease, just knowing that a private business conversation will stay private, thanks to a white noise generator.Are you aware, that more than fifty percent (50%) of all office workers are distracted from their work, due to the surrounding noise levels? It has also been noted, that only twenty percent (20%) of all office workers use earbuds, to listen to music while working, to tune out office machine noise and conversations.


The American Society of Interior Designers conducted a survey of office employees; that showed, that overall productivity would increase, if the noise level in the workplace decreased. Keep in mind, when you have happy and healthy employees, the attendance rate in the office will also increase, because it will be a pleasure to be there and perform their jobs at one hundred percent capacity. Adding a white noise machine (or two) is a less expensive option than remodeling the current office space, in order to reduce noise, or even offering to pay a portion of your employees healthcare benefits, which can increase due to stress-related diseases.

The National Institute of Anxiety and Stress reported that more than 40 million Americans suffer from chronic anxiety and related disorders, due to excessive stress. A noisy work environment does nothing to reduce these numbers. High anxiety at the office, due to constant noise interruptions (like fax machines, copy machines and ringing phones) can increase the number of unhappy employees, and reduce overall productivity. Implementing noise reduction equipment, like a white noise machine, is an excellent course of action, to help employees reduce stress and function more efficiently.

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