The therapist white noise machine review at a glance

The relaxation and the psychology therapists, both could use the white noise machine as a very important piece of technology in their respective offices. These therapists know such products inside out that how, when and what product could make their life much easier, calmer and relaxing. The therapist white noise machine review would not really give you an impression of a totally different thing than those standard ones that you use at your home, but there could be certain features which for therapist white noise machines could be slightly different.

Things to consider when buying a white noise machine for a therapy studio

The fan-based white noise machine for office use is highly preferable. But, one critical point should be considered that the sound produced should not ideally follow the same loop. Rather, that should be random in order not to make you restless with the same pattern.

Consider the portability factor as you may require to move it several times, so a compact, light-weight and ideally a wireless one would allow you that freedom.

The white noise machine should not just be a dummy device that is placed in one corner of your office. Rather, it should spruce up the beauty of your office space. So, design and colors do matter big time while using it in commercial locations.

The device ideally should offer flexibility in terms of controlling the generated noise levels. It is because, in office space, the disruptive noise situation never stays the same. There could be busy office times with many visitors and then there could be some quiet times too. This is also true with the traffic noise outside the office. Therefore, flexibility with volume control is important.

Comparison Table:

No. Product Name Connectivity Sound Timer
1. Hangsun Portable MachineBattery Operated10 different soundsYes (5 timer settings)
2. HemingWeigh Noise Masking MachineAC/ USBRushing Air SoundNo
3. Nursal Soothing Sound White Noise MachineAC/ DC/ USB8 different soundsYes (3 timer settings)


Top 3 therapist white noise machine reviews

Hangsun Portable Machine with 10 Different Sounds

Hangsun Portable Machine with 10 Different Sounds

Editor's Rating: 4.4/5 Overall Score

If disruptive/ unwanted sounds in your therapy center or office is your enemy then the Hangsun portable white noise machine could be your best mate. This statement is justified by many impressive features and multiple highly satisfactory customer reviews. This machine can produce 10 different sound that includes the white noise, ocean noise, brown noise, rainforest, wind chimes, brook, bird, ocean, fireside, and lullaby. So, it has got flavor and versatility for all kinds of needs to relax. The masking capability is excellent and that is what you would love to have at your office. If portability is of the essence, then you would love this one for its lightweight, compact and a highly portable design for your utmost convenience. There is also an option for the auto timer shaving 5 different settings of varying timings between 15 to 90 minutes. The first timers would find this equipment quite easy to use as you could be all set to go with its first run with just a push of a button. It is operated with a battery and its rhythmic sounds are suitable for people of all ages, including kids.

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HemingWeigh White Noise Masking Machine

HemingWeigh White Noise Masking Machine

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

Although it produces just the one rushing air (all-natural) white noise sound but the quality, level and the control of its sound is excellent, Beside that, the rushing air white noise sound is also the most preferred one by all people and also in all types of locations, especially in the therapist’s vicinity a site is best in masking the disruptive noise and gives you your own space with your client with no sound leaking out of the room. It offers a USB port for easy connectivity and keeps you away from the hassle of managing long size cords. However, the product does not have a sleep timer and also the night light that comes with it is also only manually controlled. Despite that, the surpassed quality and low price along with its light and compact size make it worth a deal for any therapist who is looking for a high-quality product with excellent craftsmanship. Further, the dual speed operations for a white noise machine offering rushing air sound is quite feasible to fulfill a lot of needs and expectations from such an equipment.

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Nursal Soothing Sound White Noise Machine

Nursal Soothing Sound White Noise Machine

Editor's Rating: 4.8/5 Overall Score

Owning a Nursal sound machine means high-quality relaxation, sleep and having a period time at your commercial spot or other meeting places with your clients and colleagues. The machine offers 8 all-natural sounds such as brook, rain, thunderstorm, bird, white noise, ocean, lullaby 1 and 2. The auto timer is there with 3 different time settings between 5 to 30 minutes, which means convenience and also it conserves energy. It is quite easy to operate with very simple on/ off functionality with just a push of a button. It is reasonably loud and you in your meeting space with your clients could ideally adjust its volumes as per the audio environment there in the room and also outside. It operates with a battery and user also have the option of AC/ DC adapter which comes included with the package.

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Bottom Line

If you want a white noise machine for a therapy center then you should think about it from a therapist point of view. For such a machine in different therapy centers, doctor clinics, offices or in several other commercial spaces, the quality, and power of sound matter big time. The noise should be powerful enough to mask unwanted sounds so that you could concentrate more. The device should be portable so that you could easily carry it with you while traveling. The user should have full control over its settings in order to counter different types of possible audio environments in such vicinities. The therapist white noise machine review would give you all the inside and the out of the box details in order to make a convincing decision for yourself.

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