Super Easy Ways to Learn Everything about Preparing Room for Sound Meditation

Having a room in your home that heals your mind and body is amazing. Outside your house can be an alternative too. This will bring peace, tranquility, and emotional well being. It can also allow you to escape the daily stresses of life. A well prepared soothing sound meditation room will offer all these benefits.

Sound meditation is a kind of meditation that involves sounds from nature or sometimes white noises to soothe nerves and block out surrounding noises.

Important tips and steps to consider:

When choosing a best meditation room, one should consider a place that provides an opportunity to recharge the body both physically and emotionally, and keep you balanced. There are no specific rules to be followed in setting up a meditation room, but there are a few considerations. They include the following.

Conducive place:

Look for a place in your home that will make you feel good. It can be a room in your house or in a floral garden. When you walk there it makes you smile.

Conducive place:

It should be quiet with a natural lighting as well, this will enhance the mood. Choose a room facing sunset or sunrise views. If the room has no natural light, focus on the lighting you choose. You may want, dim lights or bright lights, or both options because your mood can change on a daily basis.

It should be clean and tidy:

This will reduce distractions when relaxing. Empty the room to contain only a few things. For example a table, yoga mat, a chair, and a pillow for meditation.

Bring nature to your room:

Nature can be used to relax and heal. It is ideal in a natural environment if possible. Add a touch of nature to the room, you can choose any natural element that is favorable. E.g. a plant, vase of flowers, a jar filled with Sand and seashells or a small water fountain. Indoor water fountain will offer soothing sounds to drive away the sounds of a noisy city outside.

Bring nature to your room:

Play meditative music for sound meditation:

It is very relaxing for most individuals. Any sound that you find soothing can be used instead of music and can be introduced while practicing Sound meditation for sleep. It should be played quietly in the background to lessen other distractions within, and should be long enough. White noise, ambient noises and low frequency, stable sounds are best to be used in a meditation room. It is beneficial for those living in a busy city area, where sounds of vehicles, trains, and sirens are constant. This is similar to the sound of waterfalls, birds chirping, ocean sounds, or sounds of the wind.

Personal touches:

This can be any element, smell, sound, or object that soothes your body and mind. For example chimes, beads, and artwork. This can create a serene and peaceful environment.

Personal touches:

Fresh Air:

the room should be well ventilated and be able to have a cool breeze. This can boost the brain power, overall health, and refresh you. If your space is outside, this will not be difficult to obtain.

No Technology:

There should be no electronics like mobiles, alarms or time piece etc, aside from your music player or white noise machine which is must to have. Including video player and television. You should not be with your phone in the room. This will minimize distractions.


You can choose to use essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, they can soothe the mind, soul and body. Also burning candles and incense, heating oils, Aromatherapy boosts the immune system, reduces stress, and can relieve muscle pains. These are the reasons why you should include aromatherapy in your meditation room.

All of these above mentioned tactics can help you create a perfect feel in your sound meditation room. The use of music for meditation brings in an increased level of tranquility and contentment. If you pair up the sounds of nature or white noise with the soothing aromas of essential oils, you can bring in a better effect to help you fight anxiety, depression and insomnia. The best of all meditation types to heal anxiousness is Guided meditation for anxiety and sound meditation.

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