Some of the majestic features of tranquil turtle sleep sound soother

Babies and parents alike fall in love with Cloud B Tranquil Turtle, which also doubles as a baby sleep noise machine and a night light. The turtle looks sleepy but happy and is colored a calming blue to encourage your baby to get sleepy, too. Tranquil Turtle’s soft little flippers are perfect for swimming through the rolling waves the light from its shell reflects onto the walls and ceiling of your baby’s room. The turtle is also perfectly sized to fit into a travel or diaper bag – it’s only eight inches tall and perfect to bring with on the go or for overnight trips.

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle, Aqua

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  • Turtle’s translucent shell glows a soothing blue light
  • Lights in turtle’s shell project gently moving waves onto ceilings and walls
  • Comes with two water themed sounds: Tranquil Melody and Ocean Waves
  • An automatic timer turns off the lights and sound after 23 minutes to bring tranquil silence to your baby and save power4 pounds

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How does it work?

Tranquil Turtle is the perfect addition to any family. It’s small, convenient and easy to use. His soft feet and head make it kid friendly, while the hard blue shell makes it the perfect nightlight and sound machine to encourage healthy sleep habits in your quickly developing child. Sleep Turtle’s belly is covered by soft blue fabric, like the rest of the body, but the belly is connected by Velcro on one end, which can be easily pulled off to reveal the black box that stores the batteries and the on off switch and a separate switch to adjust the brightness of the lighting. The turtle is battery powered, and already comes with the three AA batteries required to turn it on.

To open the battery compartment to change them when they run out, use a screwdriver to remove the lid covering the batteries.On the top of the shell are several light blue buttons. The top row has three buttons. The one furthest to the left turns on the turtle, creating a friendly glowing blue light within the shell. The button in the middle turns on the sound. To switch to the second sound, just press it again. The last button in the first row will activate or deactivate the wavelike motion of the lights. The second row of buttons is smaller, and there are just two to control the volume of the sound. After 23 minutes, lights and sounds turn off automatically.

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  • Soothing blue lights are easy to turn on and off or add movement to focus your baby’s attention and calm him or her at the same time
  • The soft flippers and head make Tranquil Turtle not just a handy sleep aid, but also a cuddly bedtime partner
  • The Water inspired sounds go perfectly with Tranquil Turtle’s theme to soothe your baby to sleep
  • Small size makes Tranquil Turtle easy to bring when staying over at someone’s house or going on vacation.

Although Tranquil Turtle baby sleep noise machine is a bit more expensive than some of Cloud b’s other sleep aids, it is well worth the extra cost. Babies and toddlers love the moving lights, which fascinate and calm them at the same time. The lights make the perfect night light, and turn off automatically so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy. The thoughtful sound options also make falling asleep easier for your baby. Natural sounds have been shown to help babies fall asleep more quickly, and block out other sounds in the environment so everyone can get some much needed rest.

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