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PROALLER White Noise Machine with 8 Soothing Natural Sounds

PROALLER White Noise Machine with 8 Soothing Natural Sounds

Realizing the deafeningly loud environment of the womb where the baby has spent all his life so far, the condition outside the womb is far quiet for their comfort. This definitely bothers them and they feel cranky especially at the night time and struggle a lot in their sleep. In such circumstances, it is the white noise that makes them feel at home. There is multiple tops of the line white noise machines available for babies, offering a different range of productivity with sleep enhancement as their common goal. One of the best white noise machine for baby is the one from PROALLER manufacture that offers a range of benefits and productivity over multiple other products and that too at a competitive price that it comes at. It is highly trusted by users with rare negative commentary ever seen about the product. Though, there are a few negligible shortcomings which we will find out later. Overall, it is an excellent deal for the entire family with emphasis laid on the features suitable for babies.

 Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light & Shusher Sound Machine

Things to look for in this white noise machine

  • Variations of Natural Sounds – Well, there are many, precisely 8 different nature sounds to please you and your sleep. The variations in natural sounds include the Thunder, ocean, bird, stream, brown noise, white noise and a couple of amazing lullabies.
  • Auto Timer – There is an auto timer option in this white noise machine with 4 different settings of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
  • The LED Light – This LED night light could act as a complimentary light source other than the lamp you have in your room. You can play around with its brightness as it comes with 3 distinct brightness level settings. This night light would automatically turn off just as the auto timer switches off the product.
  • Portable – The product is highly portable considering its mini size and reasonably light in weight. All this setup for easy carrying of the unit while traveling. You can easily place it in your travel bag, suitcase or anywhere in your car with ease.
  • Operational Panel and Design – The unit is available in dapper-looking white color which probably is the best and the most preferred color for the customers. The front operational panel is fairly easy to use with all settings and options clearly marked over the unit. You can switch on the product with the push of a button and volume could be controlled through the knob. All different available sounds could be played just by a push of the designated button for each natural sound.


  • The sound quality of all the natural available sounds of the product is excellent and the unit is capable of blocking out disturbing noises and enhances an excellent environment for babies and as well as adults to sleep.
  • The LED nightlight is just about perfect to replace the need of a lamp at night or just to use it to complement the lighting of the lamp at night, which babies usually need. The brightness can be controlled by using the three different setting levels of the product for the LED light.
  • The product in the baby room or elsewhere is safe to use even if you want to play it all night. It conserves energy and overall it is an energy efficient model.
  • The product is capable of remembering your last setting after it is switched on, in terms of its volume and the natural sound selection.
  • The product is ideal for ADHD patients or people with mental disorders as it promotes their concentration level.


  • The sound quality for a few sounds could have been better.

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Bottom Line

The product from PROALLER can be very safely termed as the best white noise machine for baby, especially at the price it comes at which makes a good deal. The range of natural sounds is good. The sounds which are good are exceptionally good and there are a couple which requires improvement. The night light LED is an excellent value-added feature and not to forget the auto timer convenience. The ADHD patients and the ones with mental issues would particularly find this product useful enough to improve their mental concentration levels.

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