Privacy Policy acknowledges the importance and value of its visitor’s privacy and uses the collected information vigilantly. Below is an overview of the information we obtain from our visitors and the way it is maintained and protected on our servers. The collected information is never sold out the any third party servers or operators.

For each visit of the user, a log is maintained in the log file which records the IP address, the ISP and the browser used to visit the site. Moreover, the time of visit and the particulars of pages visited, on our site is also maintained.

Cookies and Web Beacons are also used to collect data like the preferences and choices you made while visiting our site. Subscription choices and the choice for popup menus are included in this collection.

Some legitimate third parties are also allowed to post adds on our site and they might also collect the visitor data from our site through cookies and web beacons. This enables them to collect the information such as IP address, ISP and the browser used to visit the site. They might also collect some browser specific information like whether the flash is installed on your browser or not. The advertisers and third parties mostly use this information for geo targeting purposes so that they can show adds according to the location and other usage inclinations of the visitor.

DoubleClick DART cookies may also be used for ad posting. The Google’s DoubleClick cookie captures the data and site visited using a DoubleClick advertisement. This is called interest based targeting and it aims to show you ads according to your interests and attraction. These add campaign uses previous browser history to serve adds accordingly. Only non personal identifiable information is used by DART and no personal information such as name, email address, physical address, telephone number, social security number or bank account details are included in this data. It purely collects the ad-hoc visitor data based on user’s clicks and visited pages. You can also choose to prevent this add service from collecting your data by visiting the following site:



Browser settings and Internet security programs also allow you to disable and turn off the cookies and any third party cookie programs operating on the site. This may change your level of exposure and interaction with our site and other related websites. The ability to log into our services and forums may also be affected by disabling cookies.

Moreover, deleting the cookies does not imply your exclusion from the advertising program on a permanent basis. Unless you have permanently disabled the cookies, on your next visit to our site, a new cookie will be created which will start the logging process all over again.