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PICTEK White Noise Machine with Sleep Sound Therapy Machine for Babies

PICTEK White Noise Machine with Sleep Sound Therapy Machine for Babies

A lot of people have misconceptions about the white noise machines and the negative impact such machines could have on babies. They believe that the white noise machines could produce the harmful amount of white noise sound which could impact the hearing of the babies. Well, this is true only for some bad products. However, there are multiple high-end products which are essentially designed to facilitate babies and toddlers in every possible way and to promote an excellent sleeping routine in them. One such best white noise machine for the baby you could consider is the one from PICTEK which has got all the ingredients that you wish to have a highly productive white noise machine for baby. This is versatile in every sense and could also be trusted by adults to get the same benefits as the babies would get.

Overall, it is a complete package and this could be the product that you should consider for your baby. Without blurring the lines, let us get to the meat of the matter to discuss its prime features, pros, and cons below.

PICTEK White Noise Machine with Sleep Sound Therapy Machine for Babies

Features you must not ignore:

  • White Noise – This white noise sound machine offers the fan sound white noise which comes with the specially designed asymmetric fan blades. The volume of the machines has 85 dB rating.
  • Operations – This sound machine for white noise is able to perform throughout the night with no hassle or concern for the babies or any other user.
  • Customizing Sound – This sound machine has got 3 distinct ways to customize the sound of the system. The first of this feature requires you to start by twisting the cap of the sound machine to make different patterns of the vent holes. Similarly, then there are options for the acoustic housing and the flexible motor speed fan which enable the product to set it up for a completely adjustable volume control and tone.
  • Auto Timer – This is the auto timer feature which offers automatic switching off of the equipment in intervals of 30 and 60 minutes, whatever you prefer according to your ease and convenience.
  • 2 x USB Charging – The machine offers 2 x USB charging ports with attributes of 5V DC, 1A.
  • Safety Features – The most satisfying element of this product’s safety is that it is approved by CE, RoHS, and FCC which is a guarantee of its operational excellence and risk-free benefits for the babies. The material of the equipment is fire-resistant, non-toxic and smell-free natural material, which further endorses the safety and security of using the item with ease.


  • The white noise machine is fairly special and uses the asymmetric blades inside the equipment to produce the white noise machine which soothes both the babies and adults.
  • The auto shutdown feature is excellent as you can exploit it to use it care-free in your baby room without any fear of over-utilizing the product then it is needed.
  • You may also opt to use it throughout the night safely and the product would serve you well and without breaking your bank.
  • You have the liberty of charging your tablets, mobile phones, and any other USB powered devices by utilizing a couple of USB ports that it comes with.
  • The white noise sound machine comes with a handy full refund warranty of 45 days which makes it a risk-free and worth trying option. Moreover, 18 months product warranty further make it a strong candidate to purchase.


  • The unit is not battery powered and needs to be plugged into the electric power source all the time to work.
  • The product does not come with any earphone jack to get a personalized feel of the white noise in privacy.

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Bottom Line

There are some good reasons to term this product as the best white noise machine for baby. It comes with excellent white noise capability, auto timer, ease in portability, a couple of USB charging ports and all the safety features which you would definitely like to have in a white noise machine for babies. The product ideally could be much better if it was a battery operated one, rather than using the electric power source all the time for its operations.

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