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NURSAL White Noise Machine with 8 Relaxing Sounds for Babies

NURSAL White Noise Machine with 8 Relaxing Sounds for Babies

There could be no better way to lull your baby to sleep as it could be done using the best white noise machine for baby. Since the advent of such useful products, the mothers seems to be quite more independent and relaxed as the majority of their motherhood workload has been taken away by such devices. There white noise machines ae scientifically proven to be effective for babies and promotes a conducive sleeping environment. One of the top product that you could consider in this category is the one from NURSAL who has done well with the variety of features and the quality of sound they have got to offer. Their unique selling point is the adaptability of their product for the entire family that range from an infant to an adult or to the elderly people.

 NURSAL White Noise Machine with 8 Relaxing Sounds for Babies

Things to look for in this white noise machine

  • Natural Relaxing Sounds – Natural sounds are the backbone of this or any other white noise product. This one is stuffed with 8 distinct natural sounds which are soothing and encourage babies to sleep well. The different sounds of this product include rain, ocean, thunderstorm, brook, bird, white noise and a couple of fantastic lullabies for the babies which they would surely love.
  • Suitability – The product is found to be suitable for the entire family including infants, toddlers, adults and elderly people. It will increase anyone’s relaxation during sleep and could also help people to concentrate well. The product could be ideally used in kid’s room, nursery, hotel room, office, gym, spa and also at your campsite with ease.
  • Automatic Shut-off Feature – Without this feature, your device would go on to run continuously until the batteries get drained out. Therefore, the auto shut-off feature is a must-have especially for the babies to have a controlled environment. This unit offers this features with timer intervals off 5, 15 and 30 minutes which also helps in conserving energy and forgetting about shutting it off manually.
  • Travel Related Features – In order to assist you in travel, the product comes with an ideally compact size and lightweight which would easily fit in your suitcase or any other travel bag. Using this product in your holiday destination, such as a hotel room would enable you to create a familiar sleeping environment for your baby.
  • Alarm Functionality – This is a value added feature where you could set this product to run an alarm for you just as you set it up. In order to set or activate the alarm, you just need to press and hold down the ‘Timer’ button and then set up the desired alarm time by employing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button of the device.
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  • This is a versatile product and could be suitable for people of all ages, with special care given to the needs of the adults.
  • The product offers two different power sources where the first one is the DC adapter powered and the other one is the battery operated. You can employ either one as per your convenience or just as the situation demands.
  • The 2 different variations of sound sin the form of lullabies are ideal for kids to make the sleep well and to enable the getup fresh and in a pleasing mood every day in the morning.
  • The size of the product is very compact and it is found to be light weight as well. So, you could easily use this product on your overnight trips to make your babies sleep just as they would be sleeping at home.
  • The 3 different options for the auto shut-off timer is ideal and allows you to use this product with a free mind and no hassle for switching it off manually to conserve energy. Further, this will also save you from any worry of ensuring that you are not overdoing anything that may affect your baby in any negative manner.


  • The device just offer military timing with no 12 hour clock option.
  • The power cable of the unit is too short to be convenient.

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Bottom Line

The best white noise machine for baby is truly the one that is tailor-made to suit the needs of your baby. However, this one from NURSAL is for the entire family with special consideration given to the kids in terms of its safety measures, volume levels and the ease of using or carrying this product. Overall, the product has got good value for your money and could be trusted as a key element that could enhance the environment of your kid’s room and promoting sleeping.

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