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myBaby Sound Spa White Noise Machine with 6 Soothing Sounds

myBaby Sound Spa White Noise Machine with 6 Soothing Sounds

What noise machines are evolving a lot ever since they came into existence and the most modern ones are highly feature-enriched with a much diverse application. Babies right after their birth faces a lot of issue with their sleep and the resultant restlessness reflects on their mood and becomes a concern for mothers, especially. The best and the risk-free solution to cater for enhanced baby sleep is to use the white noise machines which works towards the removal of any unwanted and background noises which may bother babies in their sleep. The best white noise machine for baby ideally should be safe and must come with some natural sounds that soothes them.

This myBaby white noise machine is one such product which is directed towards the babies, but the entire family may also benefit in the same way, just as anyone else would. The product is highly rated by the existing users and the manufacturer is making a good clientele of this exceptional product. In order to support this argument, let us find about its top features and pros and cons in the following section.

 myBaby Sound Spa White Noise Machine with 6 Soothing Sounds

Things to look for in this white noise machine

  • Operational Excellence – The product is fairly easy to operate. Just switch it on with the push of a button and the unwanted noise in the environment would soon get wiped out. The unit has proven itself to mask an excellent range of the usual ambient noises which may bother the babies or anyone else for that matter.
  • Design – The item has a very classy design and is available in eye-catching white color which would add good value to the aesthetic appeal of your room.
  • Collection of Soothing Sounds – The unit has got all the soothing sounds that you would like to have in a baby-specific white noise machine. The collection of sound includes summer night, heartbeat, brook, ocean, cradle and the white noise.
  • Front Panel – The product front panel has got all the easy to use operations. For all the 6 different sound variations, you can select any of them by a mere push of a button. No sophisticated settings are required to be made in order to make this work. Similarly, easy volume control and power options are provided on the panel.
  • Auto Timer – The product is supported by an auto timer with intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes.


  • This is extremely lightweight and you may carry it along on your vacations so that you can provide your baby with the same home-like atmosphere. New mothers and the travelers would just love this device to be in their travel bag.
  • The unit is battery operated which is safe for babies as no direct connection is made with the electric power source while operating.
  • It has a smart feature of remembering your last setting, before switching off the product. When you switch it back on, the volume and other settings would be retained.
  • You will have a complete control over the volume levels of the machine where with high/ low volume buttons, so you could set the volume level at your most desirable setting.
  • The auto timer of the product is an excellent feature which will help you to conserve energy. On the other side, it also helps you to effortlessly control the device so that you are not overdoing anything concerning the health of your baby.
  • The machine does not only promote sleeping in babies but it also let mothers to calm down their babies when they are a bit cranky or fussy.


  • The manufacturer does not provide this unit with the 2 x AA batteries which are required to operate it.
  • The unit should operate if no timer is set but practically, some users have found it switched off after an hour of operation.

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Bottom Line

This arguably is the best white noise machine for baby, especially with the baby-specific features that it comes with, such as the lullaby type sound variations and auto timer etc. The quality of all other sound variations is excellent and the product is much loved for giving user complete control of its features, such as, volume control and ability to preserve the last played setting. Overall, it is worth making a deal for the price it comes at and the features it offers.

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