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Marpac Rohm White Noise Sound Machine

Marpac Rohm White Noise Sound Machine

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that babies need quality sleep as much as they want food for a living. Their sleep is compromised in a lot of situations especially when there is an excessive amount of traffic going and heard outside the window, having a neighbor’s dog bark loud at night, parents snoring loud and any other unwanted or disturbing noise which would affect the sleep of the baby. There is just one and a very effective solution for all these multiple problems and that is to spruce up the environment of your baby’s room by having a white noise machine being played. While looking for the best white noise machine for baby, you will surely come across the one from Marpac manufacturer who has the legacy of producing top white noise products.

The white noise machine effectively masks all the unwanted noises and promotes the ideal sleeping environment. This solution could be used by the entire family and has special applicability to suit the needs of the kids and serve them right in propelling their sleep and allowing them to wake up with a pleasant mood every day.

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Important features to look for in this white noise sound machine:

  • Sound Masking – The product has impressive sound masking/ canceling ability which will help you and your child to get the environment of the room free from any disturbing or distracting kind of noises. This, in return, would help your baby to sleep and concentrate extremely well.
  • Design – The Marpac Rohm sound machine for baby has a very sleek design and would add to the charm and beauty of your room. It comes in white color and would ideally fit with the color scheme of any room.
  • Portability – The device is highly portable and this is understood when you consider its fairly compact size and extremely lightweight. It will occupy just a small space in your travel bag or suitcase and will allow you to create a very familiar environment for your baby at a place away from your home.
  • Sound Variations – This is the key feature of this any and other product. You will be pleased to know that it offers various natural sound variations of gentle surf, white noise and also the deep white noise with unbeatable quality.
  • Power Source – The device is powered with the help of the USB source. The package comes with a USB cable which is free of any additional cost.


  • Portability is the best part of this product. This is so small that you would easily carry it anywhere and could also use it on the go, whether you are traveling in a car or any other travel medium. The package comes with a lanyard which supports convenient hanging and handling of the product, especially when you are on the move.
  • There is one year of warranty with the product and this becomes even more meaningful when you have it from the highly trusted Marpac customer service.
  • This is a rechargeable product so you really do not need to be in possession of any batteries as a backup. Further, the charging convenience of USB gives you the liberty in charging, no matter wherever you travel.
  • This item is customizable for the sound options it has. First, you just need to select your desired sound and then just set the volume control as per your baby’s liking.
  • This is safe for kids and could be played in babies rooms throughout the night.The product just comes with a USB cable but it does not have any US plug.


  • The product does not offer an auto shutoff timer facility which is present in the majority of the other similar products.

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Bottom Line

This arguably is the best white noise machine for the baby after considering all the amazing features that it comes with. It is ideally portable, diverse in its sound variations and masking capability, impressive with its sleek design and its convenience of recharging ability. On top of that, the Marpac Rohm brand stamp makes it a very safe deal, especially with a 1-year exclusive warranty that this product has got to offer. Finally, the unit is safe by all means to be placed inside the room where your baby use to sleep.

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