Learn how this sleep sheep sound soother machine can help Tiny tots sleep better

Even before your baby is born, you’re preparing for his or her arrival. That means getting soother, a baby sound machine for sleeping , a crib, painting a room and probably choosing a few adorable stuffed animals. So why not choose one that isn’t just cute, but also serves an important function? Cloud b makes a stuffed animal Sleep Sheep that also happens to contain a sound soother white noise machine with 8 different sounds.It’s soft and plush and its gender neutral coloring and sleepy eyes make it perfect for either a boy or a girl. If you don’t want your baby to sleep with it, you can even attach the sheep to the crib or a handle with a Velcro strap. To wash Sleep Sheep or cuddle more conveniently during the day, the sleep machine can be easily removed from the side.

Cloud B Sleep sheep

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  • Removable sound machine with four buttons to play natural sounds
  • 8 sleep-inducing sounds: Mother’s Heartbeat, Twinkle-Twinkle, Rain, Rockabye Baby, Surf, Classical Lullaby, Whale song and Tranquil Melody.
  • Powered by two AA batteries included with purchase
  • Four buttons on sleep machine
  • Turns off after 23 or 45 minutes, depending on how you set the sleep-timer

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How does it work?

Sleep Sheep is a cute and fluffy sleepy-looking stuffed animal, just as you’d expect. What separates this sheep from other toys, is the small sound machine sticking out of its side. The machine is light colored and light weight with an adjustable volume and four buttons. Each button has two different sounds specially designed to help your baby calm down and fall asleep. Press the button once to play the first sound and again to switch to the second. The machine is thin, so each button is aligned vertically.

Under the sound buttons is a little switch that has two options to time the sounds, 23 or 45 minutes. After the time runs out, the sounds stop so you don’t have to remember to turn it off and to save battery power. Below this is a little strap of fluff connected to the sheep that helps stabilize the machine within the sheep. The second part of the sleep machine is below this, which is just a small knob for volume control.

Removing the separate sleep machine from the fluffy sheep is easy. Just pinch the edge of the machine, which can be seen from the sheep’s side, and twist it out. This makes for easy cleaning or battery changing.Two AA batteries come with Sleep Sheep so it is ready right from the purchase to signal bedtime to your little one. When the batteries run out, just remove the machine from the sheep, unclasp the battery compartment, and insert them.

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  • Helps infants and small children fall asleep more quickly with natural sounds
  • Sounds establish a bedtime routine to help build a wake-sleep cycle
  • Plush sheep shape is a comforting tactile companion for your little one as well
  • No need to remember to turn off sounds, it turns off automatically after 23 or 45 minutes

Nothing could be cuter or more convenient than this Sleep Sheep by Cloud b infant sound machine for sleeping. Now you can get a toy for your baby to cuddle with that won’t just create a comforting touch. Sleep Sheep comforts your baby with its carefully selected sounds as well, designed to help your baby fall asleep quickly. Forget ‘counting’ sheep – with Sleep Sheep, your baby will be drifting off with the push of a button.

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