Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About using ambient music and white noise in meditation

In most cities, there is a lot of noise. Traffic may be the main source of this noise. If you want to block this noise you can use ambient music as your focus. Music includes instruments, nature recordings and other digitized music relevant for meditation. This will draw your focus. The importance of this music is that when your mind is distracted, it falls into the music rather than going back to the thoughts. The music also augments your meditation using the rhythmic qualities of music.

Mediation using ambient and white noise

White noise is any steady, repetitive background sound, in other words a sound that contains all frequencies. It can be used to drive out the smaller noises that disturb sleep. It is greatly valuable for improving the sleep of those with minor problem sleeping, though it may also be part the solution for those with a more serious sleep problem.

White noise is also found by many people a relaxing sound and soothing, so that some use it for meditation. Since stress and worry frequently contribute to the difficulty in sleeping, this effect can further add to the value of white noise. Some people use white noise even before they go to bed, as a means of calming themselves down before trying to sleep.

White noise machine

The idea of using music in meditation is very common. This is because many health practitioners play music in the background, whereas there can be silence or ambient background to accompany the meditation. It is very hard at times to listen to music with lyrics and still focus on your mind. This is why natural noises are often used for meditation, e.g. rain, ocean and waterfalls. These noises will drive your thoughts away.

Natural sounds have been used as a therapy since time immemorial. Most people still rely on sounds as a natural healing method, with numerous successes and no negative effects have been reported.

Natural sound

Air conditioning fan is used to increase air circulation and keep the surrounding cool. But some people use the regular hum, and whirring sound it produces for meditation. Also a radio can be turned on without a station, the sound produced can be used for meditation. If it is disturbing you can switch it off.

White noise can’t be used by everyone; it may be distractive to the mind. Some people are very sensitive to even mild sound of white noise. White noise and ambient music have a positive effect to individuals in meditation. Some of the benefits are:

  • Soothing music leads to reduced stress
  • The music relaxes the body, mind and the soul
  • It leads to the healing and renewal of the mind, soul and the body
  • Helps individuals to fall asleep easily and deeply
  • Helps some individuals to meditate easily and deeply.
  • Listening to meditation music can help employees to focus their minds while working thus accomplishing more.
  • Natural sounds and music helps to improve the stability of the mind.
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