How to treat tinnitus using a white noise machine?

What is Tinnitus:

Tinnitus is a state of hearing, which causes constant ringing, swishing or whistling sound in the ears. It is a physical symptom which can develop at any stage of life and is mostly caused by constant exposure to loud noise, but a tumor along the hearing canal or a wax stuck against the ear drum can also cause tinnitus. Almost 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus and persistent symptoms of tinnitus can cause stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation, therefore it is very important to find the underlying cause of tinnitus and try to reduce or eliminate the symptoms altogether.

The sounds of tinnitus become eminent during quiet surroundings, particularly during the night time. Therefore tinnitus patients find it hard to sleep and as a result all of their daily routine gets disturbed as well. However, modern science has developed a lot of methods and techniques to lessen the effect of tinnitus and help patients carry out their daily life routines in a normal manner. Hearing aids, therapeutic noise generators and tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) are some of the common ways of treating tinnitus in patients.

Tinnitus Treatment

White noise machine

A white noise machine is a therapeutic noise generator which produces high frequency natural sounds like that of a waterfall or a wind gushing through a dense forest. These sounds act as a soothing noise for the ears and block out all kinds of disturbing background sounds or in this case the ringing noise of tinnitus. A white noise machine can help people suffering from tinnitus symptoms in a lot of ways and reduces the overall effect of tinnitus noise.

Treating Tinnitus with a white noise machine

White Noise for tinnitus is a tried and tested treatment method and when used accurately, it can completely curb the noise of tinnitus in patients and help them live a normal life. Whether you are trying to concentrate on your work during office hours or you want to sleep peacefully at night, a white noise machine will help you regain your focus and help you attain a sleep easy routine against the symptoms of tinnitus. There are several ways to treat tinnitus with a white noise machine some of which are:

  • Tinnitus can be treated by masking the tinnitus sound with a white noise sound. A white noise machine will play sounds that have a matching frequency with the ringing sound in your ears and the peaceful white noise will eventually mask out the effect of ringing or whooshing noise in your ears.
  • White noise machine can also be used to distract the patient’s attention from the noise of tinnitus. The peaceful and calming effect of white noise played frequently during the day will help you relax and calm down your nerves and might also improve your level of concentration.
  • You can program your brain to ignore the noise of tinnitus by listening to a white noise on a regular basis for regular intervals. This will signal your brain to ignore the ringing sounds on a daily basis and eventually you will learn to ignore these sounds without the help of a white noise machine.

A white noise machine can greatly deter other stress symptoms associated with tinnitus such as fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia and even suicide in some cases. Whether you are using any of the above methods to treat your tinnitus problem, you must stick to it and make it a habit of listening to white noise on a daily basis so that your symptoms don’t take over again after a period of treatment.

There are a variety of white noise machines available in the market and some advanced machines, even allow the users to add customized sounds and adjust the sound frequency according to the intensity level of their tinnitus. Portable and handy sound machines are also available that can help you use the sound therapy all day long.

However, while using a white noise machine, you must be careful about the volume and frequency of the sound. For a white noise machine, a high volume is generally recommended, but it is also important to start off with a low volume initially and gradually increase the volume or adjust the frequency as your ears get used to the sound. Meditation with a white noise machine can also help greatly in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus and help improve the overall quality of life. It is also important that you don’t get totally dependent on a white noise machine to treat your tinnitus symptom and prefer to use the machine occasionally on a regular basis.

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