How to sleep on Vyvanse?

Vyvanse is a drug used for the treatment of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in patients of 6 years and above. It is also used for the treatment of Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D) in adults but this is not a drug for treating obesity. The users of this drug face serious issues in the form of its side effects which affect their routine life and could lead to severe restlessness apart from several other issues. The drug should be strategically taken with the advice of the doctor and any negligence could lead to short and long term health related issues.

The known side effects of Vyvanse

The Vyvanse medicine has got multiple side effects and some of the known ones are given below for your consideration:

Side effects

· Nausea

· Dizziness

· Headache

· Stomach/ Abdominal Pain

· Dry Mouth

· Constipation

· Weight Loss

· Vomiting

· Insomnia

· Restlessness

· Irritability

· Nervousness

· Trouble Sleeping

A lot of symptoms given above affects your routine life and could lead to serious sleeping troubles and restlessness during the night or any time of the day. Here, we will specifically talk about as how you can sleep uncompromisingly on the Vyvanse drug.

Tips and suggestions to help you deal with Vyvanse drug with no compromise on sleeping

The following suggestions have proved to be quite helpful who are struggling with their sleep due to Vyvanse drug intake:

 taking vyvanse

· The side effects of taking the Vyvanse drug could be felt in sometime after its use. So, whenever you feel any issue then the first step should be to call your doctor, rather than taking any sleeping/ relaxing medicines on your own. Depending on your current condition and your medical history, the doctor would prescribe you the best medicine to use for sleeping well.

· People on Vyvanse reportedly have issues with their blood pressure and for that case, especially with children, Clonidine medicine is good and is known to work totally different for kids as compared with adults. It maintains their blood pressure well and that helps them to sleep well. This medicine is quite a low dose and it is not addictive at all, just like some cough syrups and other drugs. However, this medicine should always be taken with the advice of the doctor.

· Most of the relaxing medicines prescribed by your doctor in order to control the side effects of the Vyvanse drug should be taken in the morning. Prefer taking it at least 12 hours before going to sleep as the effect of the drug is known to last for 12 hours and within that span of time, sleeping easily would not be possible.

Look for your family history in terms of having the ADHD issue and those who have been treated through the use of the Vyvanse drug. Approaching them would give you answers for a lot of your queries and some useful suggestions would help you in understanding your condition and how to get a better sleep at night while taking this drug.

· One should think about the sleep hygiene in order to get the most and the best sleep. The sleep hygiene phenomenon recommends people to avoid taking caffeine, avoid watching TV at night, create a dark and a quiet room’s environment and try to maintain a relatively cooler temperature of the room. This always works well for the Vyvanse users.

· The white noise machines are good in a way that they create a kind of atmosphere which naturally supports good sleep. This does not have any side effects and could be equally beneficial for children and adults. In this part, the only suggestion is to use the branded products which have a history and a customer-base having excellent feedback about the product.

 side effects of vyvanse

The side effects of Vyvanse drug vary from person to person and the intake quantity actually could be the major factor for insomnia and other sleep relates issues that one could face. The sleeplessness or restlessness issue could happen for both kids and adults. They could try several techniques such as to maintain the sleep hygiene and taking other supportive medicines to better the case, but only with the advice of the doctor. The white noise machines are a perfect option for creating the ambiance in the room which would foster nice and quick sleep for the patients.

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