How to not sleep through alarm?

The modern alarms that are used today are a great means of convenience. However, we cannot take them for granted and need to take some special steps in order to ensure that we just do not sleep through the alarm. Sleeping through the alarm is quite a common thing these days which may be due to less or improper sleep, restlessness or maybe you are not much excited to start your day. Missing your alarm or waking up late could be very frustrating and could ruin your entire day. There are plenty of things which you could do in order to not miss your alarm in any way.

Using smart apps on your smart devices

The smartphones and the smart watches comes with numerous different types of apps that could help you with your sleep. There are apps available on both iOS and Android devices which could help you with your sleep by studying your sleep patterns. Such apps work wonder as they wake you up just at the right time, so that you feel refreshed and not drowsy at all when you wake up from your bed. You might take some time to get used to with such advanced apps but once you do so then your life would be much easier with little to no chances of sleeping through the alarm.

smart-alarm-apps How to not sleep through alarm?

Apart from that, some smart devices today require you to scan a QR code in order to stop the alarm. You could tape that QR code may be in your washroom or kitchen and you will be reaching that space in order to switch off the alarm.

Technology surely has helped us a lot and with smart devices, things are getting smarter by each passing day. There are some sleep/ alarm apps which require you to solve some very basic mathematical questions and once you do so, then only the alarm would deactivate. This is an excellent thing as a first thing in the morning, you are pushing your brain to work straight away and that will surely get you out of your deep sleep.

Snoozing is a bad habit:

Snoozing-is-bad How to not sleep through alarm?

Well, it surely is a bad thing to do first thing in the morning. As per some research by ASAP Science, hitting snooze takes your brain back into the sleep cycle and your sleep gets deeper and deeper with every hit on the snooze button. You will find yourself quite low and lazy when you finally wake up after a few snooze intervals. Ideally, it should be avoided and it is just a matter of deciding with yourself that you will never ever hit the snooze button.

Keep your alarm device out of your each:

No matter whether you have a table clock, smart device or a smart watch, ideally you should keep it at a fair distance from yourself when you go to sleep. By doing this act, you would need to get up from your bed in order to stop the ringing alarm. It is a proven fact that once you are out of bed for any reason, then you wouldn’t be that excited to go back to sleep. You will prefer to start your day with whatever you have planned. Even if you snoozed your device then still keep it at the same distance and by the second time, you would surely get out of your bed to start your day.

keep-alarm-out-of-reach How to not sleep through alarm?

Set multiple alarms:

You could set multiple alarms where each one would give you a certain idea about how late or early you are for your planned work in the day. Every alarm should be suspended and snoozed so that you get the right idea about the situation that is building up. With time, you could reduce the number of alarms on your smart device or watch, once you start feeling that things are getting better with your sleep and you haven’t had any bad experience of sleeping through the alarm.

The habit of sleeping through the alarm is not a difficult thing to manage these days. With science and technology, this thing could be easily controlled and you will wake up quite energetic and refreshed every day. There are a few apps that you could download to manage your sleep and then a few habits could also help you not to sleep through your alarm.

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