How to get rid of white noise in mic?

A lot of people using mic for different purposes such as recording faces issues of unwanted white noise which could be very frustrating. People using different software applications require to do some recording using mic may be over skype or other recording apps and white noise machine there is quite a normal ting to experience. This can be problematic where a clean sound recording is pivotal. There are some tried and tested solutions for such things which could be done to completely wipe out any disturbance or presence of white noise in mic. This white noise is produced through different means which could be the electrical interference, windows or the motherboard noise. No matter, whichever is the source of the white noise, this could be easily removed by following some techniques which we will discuss in the next section.

White-noise How to get rid of white noise in mic?

Techniques to remove the white noise in mic

The following are some useful technique to erase any presence of white noise in mic while recoding or communicating live through the mic:

Checking your Microphone Settings First thing first, you need to check the applied settings of your microphone as incorrect settings usually add different white noise and background sounds into your audio recordings. Check your ‘microphone boost’ setting if it is applied or not. This is the feature which should only be triggered when you desperately need it. If it is not a requirement then try turning it off and that would surely considerably lower your white noise issue in your recordings.

Using Audio Correction Apps – If you are recording through your mic and experiencing white noise, then you could buy and install some known audio correction app into your system. A couple of such known apps are Adobe Sound Booth and the Pro Tools apps which has the white noise reduction tools that would do the needful for you. The top tools in this regard work by bifurcating the white noise from the required voice first. Once that is done, then the white noise is easily removed by just a click of a button and the audio would sound disruption free with no background noise.

audio-correction-apps How to get rid of white noise in mic?

Shielding your Wire – If you have diagnosed that the mic white noise issue is due to electrical interference then you could opt for shielding your wire by using a wrapping foil wrapped all around the length of the mic wire. Once, that is done then double protect the entire length of the wire with the electrical tape. Try using your mic again and this act would rectify any electrical interference issue. If not this the other issue possibly could be with the I/ O panel or with the mic jack on your computer. In such cases, either the checking of your mic settings or using the audio correction apps could do the job for you as discussed above.

Malfunctioning SoundcardSoundcard in computers is the main thing that processes sound through different built in and customized apps that uses microphone as well. If your computer is giving a lot of background noise or the white noise then checking the integrity of the sound card would not be any wastage of time. If that is not working properly then it should be rectified or replaced. Once, the issue is diagnosed with the sound card then correcting it would surely make your mic recording sound a lot clearer and better with no background noise. One more point to be noted here is that a fine working sound card might also add the white noise into your mic recordings sometimes.

Sound-card-might-be-the-problem How to get rid of white noise in mic?

The white noise existence in different recording through mic is a known issue and could be very frustrating in your routine work related to audio recordings. A lot of things could be done to reduce the white noise disruptions in your mic recordings but as a matter of fact, such noises could only be suppressed to a bare minimal level and could never be completely removed. However, the techniques mentioned above are highly helpful and could reduce the white noise levels in your mic recording to as good as nothing or something that could not be noticed at all.

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