How Cloud B On The Go Travel Sound Machine Make kids fall asleep

If you have trouble falling asleep, you may benefit from Comfort Solutions’ SleepSounder, a sleep machine that provides a variety of calming, natural background sounds to choose from. The resulting white-noise effect will help break through the anxiety and worries you’re faced with every day to help anyone fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep. Small in size and easily portable, this is one of the top sleep machines available today.

Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother

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  • Made entirely of Polyester
  • Four sleep-signaling sounds: Safari Groove, Victoria Falls, Jungle Trails and Babbling Brook
  • Comes with two AA batteries required to power Gentle Giraffe On the Go
  • Weighs 8.8 ounces and is only 13 inches tall

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How does it work?

Gentle Giraffe On the Go was made to travel, so It’s very light and easy to strap to a handle with a long Velcro strap on its back. Another strap holds the sound machine, it comes with into a hollow in the back. It’s easy to take in and out of the giraffe’s back by undoing the Velcro.

It’s small and compact, with just a few buttons labelled for the type of activity your child is ready for: play, calm, relax or sleep. Each type of activity is associated with a different sound. Play features soft drums, the button labeled calm, plays cricket-like chirping, relax sounds like a slow brook accompanied by chirping birds, and the last button labelled sleep mimics the sound of the wind or white noise.

Below the four sound buttons is a switch to set a 23 or 45 minute timer. After the allotted time, the sounds automatically shut off.A small groove in the sound machine allows the device to easily secure inside the giraffe’s back. Just put the machine in the soft hollow of the back, and clip the Velcro strip colored like the giraffe’s pattern across the groove to attach it. The last part of the sleep machine is a round knob under the groove that allows volume adjustment.


  • Helps children fall asleep at home or while you are outside of your house
  • It’s easy to take Gentle Giraffe On the Go with you and your baby
  • Velcro strap means you don’t have to constantly hold onto the giraffe, you can clip it onto a handle or bag
  • It’s gender neutral
  • Soft touch means your baby can gain comfort from it by cuddle while simultaneously listening to the soothing sounds

It’s always difficult for newborns to fall asleep because they haven’t established a sleep-wake cycle yet. Even after babies develop a circadian rhythm it can be difficult to get them to fall asleep at night, take naps during the day, or quiet down when you’re out with friends. Gentle Giraffe On the Go is the perfect solution for any time you want to calm your baby down, even when you aren’t in your house. It’s the perfect toy that doubles as a tool for parents to help soothe whiny babies who need a distraction from the new sounds and sights of the world around them to fall a sleep.

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