1.What is meant by a white noise machine?

A white noise machine is a device designed particularly to produce a sound consisting of a number of frequencies, all played at an equivalent intensity.
This sound is known as white noise and is generated as a gentle hiss of air, waterfall or a surfing ocean. It creates an aura of calm, comfort and

2.What are the practical uses of white noise machine?

A white noise machine is mostly used to block out the background noise and help people concentrate on the task at hand. People who suffer from tinnitus use
this machine widely to treat the constant ringing sound in the ears and mask it off with a serene and peaceful white noise. Moreover a white noise machine
is used by people who have a noisy work place, students, office receptions and it works immaculately to calm down an agitated baby.

3. How does a white noise machine work?

A white noise machine operates on the principle of sound masking and it works by blending the external sounds into the gentle white noise and only the
audible frequencies of white noise reaches the human ear.

4.What should be the ideal volume of a sound machine?

The volume of a sound machine greatly depends on the intensity of background noise around your room. If the intrusive noise is too loud you may have to
play the sound machine at a loud volume as well, however, while sleeping and with babies, keep the volume to a low or medium level.

5. What should be the ideal location for a sound machine?

During the night, keeping the sound machine on your bedside or near a noisy window will help greatly to reduce the overall effect of background noise.
While being at work or studying, keep the sound machine close to the location where the external noise is coming from.

6. How can white noise help colicky babies?

Colicky babies are usually agitated due to gas build up in the stomach, which doesn’t let them lie down or sleep. A white noise machine can be a soothing
source of distraction for such babies. It creates an aura of calm and peace and helps the baby to relax which also reduces their colic problem as well.

7. Can tinnitus be treated with a white noise machine?

A white noise machine is widely used for treating tinnitus patients and a long term sound therapy can help people to overcome the problem altogether. The
white noise greatly reduces the effect of constant ringing sound in ears and help people to maintain their focus and carry out their daily tasks with ease.

8. Does a white noise machine helps to calm down pets and dogs in the house?

Pets suffering from behavioral problems such as constant barking, fear and separation anxiety become uncontrollable and a white noise machine can help
greatly to tone down their feelings and helps them to calm down.

9. Why can’t we use the sound of a fan, motor or a vacuum cleaner in place of a white noise machine?

A white noise is a combination of sound frequencies which are strategically placed and played together to produce a masking effect. The sound of a fan or
motor can contain random frequencies and there is no control over the pitch or volume of the sound which may further agitate your mood.

10.What is the significance of buying a white noise machine when you can download white noise sounds online?

White noise machines come with many different features and volume settings which you can adjust according to your requirements. A downloaded stream of
white noise might be helpful but you will not be able to adjust and regulate the sound frequency or volume.