Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Using A Sound Soother white noise machine

A White noise machine can be a useful tool for many people who struggle to fall asleep. Unfortunately, people are creatures of habit, and after using a loud sound machine for sleeping in just a little while, it’s easy to develop a dependency. This may not seem like such a problem at first, but if the white noise machine is taken away at any point, it might make falling asleep nearly impossible

Use it sparingly

Unlike sleeping pills, the risk of becoming addicted isn’t a real concern, per say. If the machine becomes part of a routine it will be hard to break it, but not impossible.

Use it sparingly

To avoid making it a routine, try using it only occasionally when you most need help falling asleep. However, if you’re one of the many people using white noise to help a baby or toddler fall asleep, have tinnitus or a sleep disorder, this may be one case where it’s easier said than done.

Vary the sounds

If you are using a sleep machine for yourself or a child, part of the benefit of the white noise is its ability to cut out the background noise of barking dogs, the sounds in the street and any other distractions in the environment that could cause someone to wake up or prevent them from falling asleep in the first place. Luckily, that means the same white noise sounds don’t have to be used over and over again. Try varying the sounds. There are different types of white noise tracks, natural sounds, soothing music or even scientifically engineered sound tracks to mirror brainwave frequencies that encourage deeper sleep. By varying the sounds you won’t get used to or dependent on just one.

Vary the sound

Turn up the volume just loud enough to muffle sounds

If the volume is too high, its absence might be even more noticeable. This might be especially true for babies or children. Leaving the volume just loud enough to muffle what’s going on in the background will make everything blend together so you forget all about sounds in general and can focus on sleep. This also means you’ll forget about the white noise and hopefully decrease your risk of dependence as well.

Gradually decrease the volume

Many people depend on white noise machines to get their kids to sleep, especially newborns. Although it can help newborns get into the habit of a sleep-wake cycle, after about six months babies have developed normal sleeping habits and white noise may no longer be necessary to get them to sleep.

Decrease the sound

However, just taking it away abruptly might not be the best option either. To wean someone off white noise keep using it, but gradually decrease the volume more and more until they’re sleeping in silence.

Try to stop using the white noise

After you’ve varied the sounds, turned down the volume and gradually decrease it more and more, try sleeping without a white noise machine entirely and only use it when you absolutely have to. Just like anything else, it is a tool to use in certain moments and a natural solution to aid in sleep. If you can sleep without background noise, you’ll know you haven’t become dependent.

Although no one wants to rely entirely on any one thing to fall asleep, many would agree that becoming dependent on soothing sound machine for sleeping isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Many people, including adults, bring their white noise machines with them when they travel.

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