Can a White Noise Machine Help Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Win the Election?

Many of you may use a sound soother white noise machine to sleep and some of you may use it for noise reduction, however presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has done one better and found a new use for it: Stopping journalists from gate crashing her fundraising campaigns!

Ever the professional, Hillary Clinton recently used white noise machines to avoid being overheard by noisy (and uninvited) campaigners and the press. The question on everybody’s mind is how Hillary manages to keep her cool at these events and it turns out that there are multiple benefits to using a white noise machine that Hillary has discovered that few people know about.

Hillary Clinton Running for president

Some have disapproved of the use of these sound soother machines at a fundraising event, claiming it, not to be “transparent” and “honest”, however, putting the politics aside can actually help us to look at the positives of what a white noise machine can actually achieve, for a career driven professional such as Hillary Clinton:

Keeps her Focused and Calm

The background noise at fundraisers that consists of drinks, mumbling guests and everyone enjoying themselves can be very distracting to those who are speaking. As well as this, it can be disheartening to hear a lot less quiet than you expect. Therefore, using a white noise machine can help you to focus on one particular sound to keep you centered and paying attention to the goal at hand, which in this case was securing funds for an important presidential campaign.

Reducing Pressure

Knowing that there are fewer listeners out there decreases the pressure that Hillary Clinton must feel while speaking and can allow her to effectively deliver her talk or speech. Obama has frequently been quoted saying how nerve wracking it can be to address a room or the nation, and we can say that these white noise machines can help ease some of these nerves.

Reducing Paparazzi and Press

Not only does she manage to keep the paparazzi and reporters at bay, but she also helps to keep the environment calm for listeners and allow them to hear her message without being overpowered by press at such high profile events. Additionally, without the ability to hear what is being said, the journalists and reporters that position themselves outside of the gates cannot spin “gossip” and “hearsay” out to the press.

Deal with paparazi and press

It was this thinking outside of the box that has helped Hillary Clinton to make her job easier and her campaign run smoothly by using just one of these handy machines and I wouldn’t be surprised if she also uses it to get a good nights’ sleep as well! If it is good enough for Hillary Clinton it is good enough for us!

Overall, it is interesting to see how a career driven and successful professional can use a sound soother white noise machine for noise masking in new and exciting ways to help their career and keep their focus and I am sure that this is going to be imitated by many other politicians and working professionals in the future to enhance their lives and careers in positive ways and who knows, maybe it will help Hillary Clinton win the Presidential election. (Could be one of the many factors at least)


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