7 of the BEST Tips for Mums to get Babies to Sleep

All babies and families are different, but everyone wants to get a good nights’ sleep and these tips are the best place to start with finding what works for you and your family.

Using white noise machine

Sound soother white noise machine – These are great options because when the baby was in utero (womb), the noises that it heard were around twice that of a vacuum cleaner and therefore they actually find noises soothing to fall asleep to. A white noise machine is an excellent way to replicate this in a natural way that can be adjusted as they get older.

Fall asleep in their own beds – Try to put your babies down while they are tired or drowsy but not actually asleep, this encourages them to fall asleep on their own and in their own environment without your help. If they keep sleeping in your arms it will be the only way they can fall asleep and can form bad habits.

Baby sleep

Dimmer switch lights –These help to get your baby’s natural circadian rhythm ready for nighttime and using a darker atmosphere regularly only during naps or sleep will help your baby to naturally feel like it is bedtime. Follow this up by ensuring that when you and your baby wake up you make the room bright and airy enforcing the body clock that it is time to wake up.

No eye contact – As much as you may want to, do not look your baby in the eyes as you put them down to sleep. Not only will it make it harder for you to put them down, but it can actually engage them, wake them up and encourage them to start playing or getting more of your attention.

Baby sleep

Reduce your caffeine intake – If you are breastfeeding, caffeine is transferred in your breast milk and takes longer for the baby to metabolize which means it stays in their system for around 96 hours which can cause havoc on their body clock. Try switching to decaf or caffeine free soda instead and see if this makes a difference.

Wait a moment – If you hear your baby cry, it is your first instinct to go back in, however this is not always the best option because sometimes they are still asleep but just shouting out and they can resettle themselves. Give them a few extra minutes before going in to make sure they actually need something.

get baby to sleep

Have a routine – This is something that can help to give you all more structure and for your baby to understand when it is time to sleep. An example of this is a bath, feed and bedtime, which when regularly followed will mean your baby will become naturally sleepy and wind down when the routine is started.

*It is important to note that not all of these tips will work for everyone, these are just the best options for you to try. If your baby seems overly distressed at night times or unable to sleep for longer than a week you should seek the advice of a healthcare professional as it could be something more serious or an underlying condition such as colic.





Sound Machine for babies

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