How To Fix A Bad Sleep Schedule With 6 Simple Methods

The bad sleep schedule could be due to several reasons. The first thing that should be analyzed is its root cause. This could vary from person to person as different people possess different habits, different stress levels and eating habits that could affect their sleep. The main idea here is to pin point the issue that is actually disturbing you. If this important part is covered then only you could make a commitment to yourself in order to prepare yourself to be mentally ready and focused towards fostering a good night sleep. If not then one should be ready for some considerable health issues which may deteriorate with time if they are not timely addressed.

Following are the main steps that must be followed if you are trying to fix the problem of your bad sleep.

Time Table

Following a proper timetable is a must these days. One should follow it strictly with no compromise at all. The time table not only includes our sleeping time but it also involves the daily routines which in a way promotes our sleeping habits too. Have a look at some related points below:

time table
  • The suitability and quantity of food we eat at night matter big time in order to save us from any sort of stomach disorders. Over eating also makes sleeping troublesome for most people.
  • We should not change our routines even on weekends because it destroys the whole sleeping mechanism at once. Don’t let the recreational activities ruin your set schedule. At best, your breakfast on a Sunday should also be according to the schedule.
  • If a change is unavoidable in your schedule then still you need to be sure that it should be a slow adaptation and not a very sudden one. A quick blunt change could affect our nerves a great deal, thus causing more sleeping trouble.


Most of the time when the word “Exercise” comes in the mind it is attached to the physical building up of the body. There is no doubt that physical exercises are good for the body and a few stretching exercises before going to bed and early in the morning would give you both physical and mental strength. Book or novel reading before sleep usually help most of the people in their sleeping process as they feel relax after reading a page of the book of their own liking and forget the many worries of their lives.


Power Naps

It is often observed that power naps during the day prove quite energetic for almost all the people as this as this recovers our energy which is lost during the hectic work schedule. The power naps should always be short as long naps during the day produces a negative effect on your body. The long naps make us lazy during the day and also sometimes affect our night sleep as well. This over napping also affect the digestive system in most of the people and raises health concerns as well.

Sleeping Conditions

Sometimes we become immune to a certain place in which we feel comfortable and resist sleeping elsewhere due to an uncomfortable feeling. Following are some things that affect our sleeping

Sleeping Place

The bed on which we sleep possesses a very key role as we become used to its comfort, size and the overall feel of it. Even in some cases, the wrong side of the bed could also trouble us.

Sleeping on the couch won't do any good


Most of the people music at night. In children, especially certain poems or lullabies does the trick. The children become reluctant to sleep otherwise and demand certain symphonies in order to sleep. For adults using one of the best white noise machine would be helpful in masking disturbing sounds and creating a sleepy feel within the room.

In a nutshell, we can say that a comfortable room with a perfect look and feel is important for sleeping. Identifying the sleeping obstacles are important as then only we could find a perfect solution which could make us sleep well.

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