How does pebble track sleep?

Pebble is a popular customizable watch that gives innovative ways for the user to reshape their lifestyle in a lot of positive ways. It is capable of delivering a lot of useful information to your wrist. The watch is configurable with both the iOS and Android smart devices through Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a rechargeable battery where a single charge lasts for a week. The most incredible is its sleep track feature which tracks the amount of rest that you are getting.

Setting up Pebble:

Setting up Pebble is quite user-friendly even for the first timers. It should be started by updating your app on your smartphone to its latest version (4.0). This will eventually show your Health app being automatically shown over your watch in its apps list. You will then come across a heart shape icon on the watch and this will be the point from where you could interact with your Pebble Health.

 Setting up pebble

How is sleep tracked using pebble?

This million dollar question has a sophisticated answer which was worked upon by the Stanford researchers. The sleep tracking method takes into account the user’s movement and some other required data from your wrist watch in order to find out that when and how you are sleeping.

Accuracy or precision in the calculation of your sleep time is of pivotal importance. First thing first, your wrist watch has to be on your wrist all the time, while you are asleep.

There are a number of factors which could affect the level of accuracy in tracking your sleep. A couple of these are given below:

How is sleep tracked using pebble?

· Battery life – Your battery should be holding good enough charge to last comfortably until you wake up. A full charge lasts for a week roughly, as discussed above, but if your battery drains out anytime in the middle of your sleep, then complete sleep tracking data could not be collected at all.

· Movement This factor determines your movement while you sleep and the intensity of your movement is the most critical part in the determination of the fact that you are asleep. Therefore, if you by any means are very much active physically in terms of your movement then the Pebble sleep tracker would not be able to work, as desired.

The motive of using the sleep tracker on the smart watches powered with Pebble is highly intended for the provision of the information that ideally encourages a very healthy lifestyle. The Pebble smart watch actually use a sensor that goes on to track the movement of your body while you sleep and take into account some other metrics as well, apart from the data and information which is intended to give a very precise estimation of the metrics being tracked. However, this is just an estimation and may not be accurate completely.

It should also be noted here that the sleep data is not at all intended to be used for any form of medical purposes and neither could it be used for making any kind of diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention of any form of medical condition or a disease.

Smart alarm

The usage of smart alarms:

The smart alarms seems a familiar thing to many people who have Pebble sleep tracker. The smart alarms literally serve as icing on the cake due to the amount of productivity it offers to the user. Pebble health works in tandem with the smart alarms and for this reason, the Pebble Health should be enabled in order for the smart alarm to work for you. Such alarms are capable of waking you up half an hour before your actual set alarm, in case you are enjoying a light sleep and in another case it goes in a wait state if you are in deep sleep. The algorithms for such alarms are quite good and a good amount of people find themselves quite energized and refreshed with the use of such smart alarms.

Smart watches using Pebble are quite useful for tracking your sleep. It uses a sensor that makes estimation by tracking your body movement. You are required to wear your smart watch throughout your sleep and apart from movement, the required battery charge is a necessary factor to provide you with the desired results.

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