3 Simple Ways For Ignoring Noisy Neighbors and mask noise without Having To Move

Do you have one of those neighbors that is a noisy nuisance? Sometimes it can be hard to deal with the conflict that might arise if you write a letter or go over and speak to them or they might even be renovating and you are looking for a temporary solution to your problems. Either way you are in luck! There are some great and pretty frugal ways to combat their sound in your own home without having to re-insulate the house or move which is guaranteed to cost a lot.

Noisy neighbors

Here are the best ways to help you get a good nights’ sleep or just some peace and quiet while your noisy neighbors get loud:

Sealing the gaps

Making sure that there are no gaps or cracks between your walls and windows will not only reduce the amount of sound that is let in but is also a great way to reduce heat escaping in the winter. Using expanding foams and sprays to block the holes is a cheaper insulation alternative and can be up online or from hardware stores. If you don’t want to use these sprays you can alternatively buy thicker curtains that act as a natural barrier against sound and the cold air which can considerably reduce the noise in the room when they are closed but are easy to remove and adjust.

Repositioning Furniture

A natural soundproofing technique is to move the furniture around in your room. For example, ensuring that your bed or sofa is not against the adjoining walls of your neighbors can reduce the amount of sound that you hear. Try placing a chest of drawers or dresser onto the adjoining wall instead, which can mute some of the sound (the thicker the furniture, the more muffled the sound will become.) Additionally, large and upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs can act as natural barriers against sound and absorb it more readily than metal furniture that tend to reverberate.

White noise machines

For those extra noisy neighbors, you may have to invest in something a lot stronger and this is where purchasing one of these machines is your best bet. By creating a rolling noise that can resemble a waterfall or rushing wind, these sound soother white noise machines can muffle other background noise and create a soothing effect that can also naturally help you sleep. There are many options to choose from so that you can pick the right frequency and tone for you, and some even have built in alarm clocks that can wake you up gently so you are guaranteed to find one to suit you.

White noise machine

All in all, there is no need to stress about dealing with noisy neighbors as there are plenty of cheap alternatives to keep everyone happy and the noise out of your lives for good. Plus, it is a great excuse to do some redecorating. Just remember, for those who are really looking for a long term option for the really loud neighbors invest in a noise cancelling white noise machine, it’s the best purchase you will ever make!




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