Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise


The MARPAC Dohm  white noise Machine is the official sound machine of the National Sleep Foundation and as such it is placed high in the list of valuable and trusted sound machine for sleeping. It is assembled in the USA and I’ve chosen it to introduce you here because of its useful features, how well it works and the wisdom of the manufacturers who put it together.


  • Weight: 1.6 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 9 cm high
  • Power Cord length: 8 feet
  • Colors available: black, fog, white, tan

7116d5VGGwL._SS250_ Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise

This pocket product can be easily placed on desks or small stands next to your bed when using it. It comes with an 8 ft long power cord which needs to be plugged in, in order to function. It runs at 120 Volts and is a power saver.

Controlling options:

The button:

It has one operational button for turning it on or adjusting the speed of the fan to ‘low’ or ‘high’. There are slits on the side and air holes on the top which you can cover accordingly in order to set up the best intensity of sound you want when using it.

The slits and the collar:

There are oblique slits on the sides covered by a movable collar with slits positioned on the opposite angle. When you move the collar you can adjust the sound dampening by determining if the sound should be coming out from the bottom of the slits (most damp), middle portion (slightly louder) of the upper part (sharp and loud).

The cap:

The cap or the upper portion of the machine is movable and is used to adjust the amount of noise coming out of the machine. You can twist it to adjust according to your requirements.

7116d5VGGwL._SS250_ Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise


The sound dampens and becomes intense when you slide the upper top circular cap as well as the out sliding cover that slides over the slit when turned. It produces a sound via a fan inside the box which is a natural sound. It is made out of quality ABS plastic and has soft foam padding on the bottom, which isolates the sounds and prevents the machine from vibrating.

How it works?

When receiving the order, you will receive a box with the product inside along with the power cord and an instruction manual. Plug in the power cord and put the machine on a stable place. Switch it on by clicking on the power button to a low or high speed, then use the slides on the side or the slide on top to change the direction and density of the air moving towards and out of the fan. The slits on the side create a more closed sound while the one on top creates a more open sound. After the initial adjustment place it next to you and relax.

How to adjust the sound in the Marpac white noise machine?

The sound can be adjusted according to the level and intensity of noises you need to block or mask. There are three different ways you can work with the natural sound of a small fan inside which are:

  1. Change the speed of the fan inside, with the help of the single Black button, present in the front of the machine.
  2. Move the collar (movable, sliding exterior part that slides around the machine to cover the slits). Moving the collar can help you dampen or increase the intensity of the fan sound being produced. It is because when you move the collar which is covering the oblique slits, the collar will cause the slits to remain open via one side or position and close the sound coming out of the other part. As if you twist the collar to the right the sound will come out of the upper part of the slit and will be more intense and louder, as compared to when you move it to the left when the slit will be open via its lower portion giving you a damp sound.
  3. Same is the case with the holes on the top cap. The top cap is movable and you can twist it easily to see how much sound you need around you. Twisting the cap will cause the holes to open or close. The more you twist to the right, the holes will become smaller or closed and when move to the left more holes will remain open and more sound or white noise will come out.

Experiment with the positioning

One of the best practices to use white noise machine is to place the machine at a reasonable distance from yourself or who is sleeping in the room with a white noise machine. It should be placed away from your ears so that you are less affected by the sound as compared to the noise. Remember, you have to mask the sound and not your ears or hearing. (Which is a common misconception). So you should experiment with the positioning of the white noise machine to get the best results.

7116d5VGGwL._SS250_ Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise

Like if you are getting disturbed because of noise coming from a window, you should place the machine near the window at a medium distance from you and the window. In this way the machine will block and mask the noise frequencies coming in without affecting your hearing.

Or else you can place it near the door side on a table or in the corner of your room to mask the unwanted sounds.

Take a look at this video to see its simple usage:


Who should buy it?

The product’s potential can be implemented in a variety of situations. You can use it for its soothing sound when sleeping or use it while studying. The fan creates such a sound that can also block nearby conversation and noises, so it can be used in college dorms and office-related environments as well. The National Sleep Foundation recommends it as well when it comes to people who have ear ringing (tinnitus). It has also frequently been used to put babies to sleep.


The MARPAC Dohm-DS is great for “blocking off any type of irritable and disruptive sounds and noises”. The compact and light design makes it easy to carry it to different places (work, hotels, etc.) and the sound it creates hold one constant frequency that is free of loops or recording errors or breaks. This constant frequency masks the unwanted sounds so that your hearing gets less affected by the noises and hears only a unified set of sound frequencies, hence making it easier when you are trying to concentrate on one thing or on sleep. If kept in good conditions, the MARPAC is an affordable and smart choice for many purposes.


The latest Marpac Dohm white noise machine for sound masking, is perhaps best to use in office-related environments or in chatty environments in general. There are many products which have proved efficient in their use when sleeping, but the MARPAC dohm white noise machine is best to block off different-frequency sounds such as conversations. Its other uses are also important, and I can surely recommend it as one of the best when choosing your white noise machine.

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