Canadian Ambassador to China Dominic Barton visited SWS Medical

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On May 31, 2021, Mr. Dominic Barton, Canadian Ambassador to China, accompanied by Consul General Jeff David and trade commissioners from the Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing, visited SWS medical.




(Photo: Ambassador Dominic Barton,Consul General Jeff David, Trade Commissioners together with SWS Chairman Guangyong Gao and Senior management)


Ambassador Barton recognized SWS as an industry pioneer in the R&D and production of blood purification products. Since 2001, through continued innovation, SWS has realized full vertical integration with products and services covering blood purification machines, CRRT, dialysis consumables, dialysis centers and intelligent management system, and SWS has obtained EU, CE and CMD certifications for all SWS-series machines involved in overseas expansion. As a tech-driven company, it also contributed in drafting national and industry standards. 


During the visit to an intelligent manufacturing workshop, the Ambassador experienced the real-time operation of various intelligent solutions and learned that SWS was recently selected as the second-level node of China’s Industrial Internet Identification and Resolution system. It allows the intelligent management and monitoring of the whole life cycle of the production through specific identifications such as bar codes and QR codes. SWS was the very first medical device company in western China with this honor. Ambassador Barton spoke highly of the SWS’s intelligent manufacturing, innovation and professional dedication.




(Photo: Chairman Gao introduces SWS-5000 CRRT to Ambassador)



Upon the introduction of the newly-developed SWS-5000 CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) device on site, Ambassador Barton was very impressed with the most advanced blood purification device, which can provide multi-organ support for the liver, lungs, kidneys and heart while at the same time removing toxins. It uniquely integrates 14 blood purification treatment modes and artificial liver functions, features the widest indication of use globally and has been proven to be highly effective in tackling multi-organ failure. During the COVID pandemic, this device was specially recommended by Chinese authorities and has been widely used in domestic and overseas hospitals for the treatment of critically ill patients who are suffering from the virus. 




(Photo: Ambassador and Consul General watched a live demonstration of the SWS Intelligent Dialysis Management Platform)


“Like China, Canada has a very vast territory. However medical service resources are uneven, and some dialysis centers in remote areas could not get sufficient medical support. SWS’s intelligent dialysis management system could be a highly effective solution for dialysis diagnosis and operation in remote areas of Canada, as well as many other areas and countries”, said Ambassador Barton while watching the live demonstration of the SWS smart dialysis management platform. This "Internet +" intelligent dialysis system features remote diagnosis, treatment and maintenance via the internet-connected dialysis devices, as well as a patient-friendly application for tailor-made guidance and real-time online dialysis center operational support.




(Photo: Meeting for advancing Canada-SWS collaboration in life sciences)


The Ambassador highlighted that Canada is a world leader in nephrology research and that Canadian surgeons build the first artificial kidney in North America. Canada has maintained strong collaboration with China in life sciences for long, with many touching stories such as the founding of the West China Centre of Medical Sciences by Canadian medical missionaries to Dr. Norman Bethune. 


Ambassador Barton was delighted to know that SWS has been connected with some Canadian medical organizations such as RenalCan for collaborations in the fields of dialysis services and R&D, and he strongly welcomed SWS to engage more leading Canadian medical universities and institutions as well as life sciences companies for closer collaboration.




(Photo: Ambassador Dominic Barton with SWS Chairman Guangyong Gao)


Currently SWS products are widely used in thousands of hospitals globally and are exported to over 100 countries. Ambassador Barton’s visit reinforces SWS’s commitment to speeding up the expansion of the overseas market including Canada and building the top hemodialysis brand internationally to deliver safe, high quality care for patients with kidney disease worldwide.