The Best Unique Ways for Shift Workers to Relax

The nature of shift worker means that you are out at odd hours of the day, sometimes ending early in the morning, the middle of the night or during the day. This means that the times you want to unwind, relax or sleep do not always adhere to the schedule […]

Best ways to generate white noise  around you

After a little baseline information, I started to search more for a better understanding regarding the phenomenon. As a fact, I never have compromised on quality and have always selected safe and nature-based solutions for all of my family. So, I tried hard this time too. I first tried online […]

Insights into the different kinds of noises that help you sleep better

  A few years back,  I started to search about various kinds of noises to help people sleep better, I explored three main types, i.e white noise, brown noise and pink noise. Where I got stuck really badly, was the point when I had to decide about the type of […]

3 Simple Ways For Ignoring Noisy Neighbors and mask noise without Having To Move

Do you have one of those neighbors that is a noisy nuisance? Sometimes it can be hard to deal with the conflict that might arise if you write a letter or go over and speak to them or they might even be renovating and you are looking for a temporary […]

Can a White Noise Machine Help Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Win the Election?

Hillary Clinton recently used white noise machines to avoid being overheard by noisy

Many of you may use a sound soother white noise machine to sleep and some of you may use it for noise reduction, however presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has done one better and found a new use for it: Stopping journalists from gate crashing her fundraising campaigns! Ever the professional, […]

Sound meditation and other kinds of meditation techniques, what is the difference?

Sound meditation has a very important role to play in promoting the well of mankind.  Many researchers around the world do not get the point in terms of the differences that exist in various types of meditation. These mistakes have been published by respected research articles, newspapers, magazines and sometimes […]

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About using ambient music and white noise in meditation

In most cities, there is a lot of noise. Traffic may be the main source of this noise. If you want to block this noise you can use ambient music as your focus.  Music includes instruments, nature recordings and other digitized music relevant for meditation. This will draw your focus. […]

Nine Facts About Primordial Meditation Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Primordial sound meditation is the one of the oldest form of meditation. It is a universal technique, but mostly used in India. Primordial sounds are the essential, basic sounds of nature, including all the vibrations that nature produces. In this meditation, the primordial sounds are used because they are fundamental […]

What’s So Trendy About Guided Sound Meditation That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Sound has been used for healing and meditation since time immemorial.  The naturally occurring sounds are particularly important in helping us both spiritually and physically. Deep meditation is the source of relaxation in a majority of traditions around the world. Many people use a mantra in the meditation process.  The […]